Plan Asset Manager

To allow you to continue to mitigate risk, once the initial verification has been completed, ConSova offers services in Plan Asset Manager or “PAM.” Statistics show that upwards to 40% of dependents that are initially identified as ineligible attempt to re-enroll. Approximately 80% of these individuals do not qualify as legal dependents. Unfortunately, these individuals attempt to re-enroll even after the comprehensive dependent eligibility verification process.

Dependent Eligibility Verification is an Ongoing Process

In order to reduce your costs and protect your initial investment, constant dependent eligibility verification is necessary. As a result, we have an effective program in place that verifies dependent eligibility in an ongoing fashion. We do this through a continuous review of new hires, as well as periodic re-review of certain dependent classifications. Additionally, we monitor for employees with life event status changes.

ConSova’s PAM protection is just another way that we work to assist you with strategies for health care cost containment. Contact us today to find out more about our Plan Asset Manager service.

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Data Sheet
Dependent Eligibility Audit Data Sheet