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Why First Class Mail is a Must

Mailing Dependent Eligibility Verification forms is not something most of us think about; we partner with a third party and they take care of this step. But how your benefits partner chooses to send verification forms to your employees can affect you more than you realize.

Bulk mailing rates save money, and some benefits partners utilize them to save on costs. But there are hidden dangers in using bulk mailing:

  • Less timely receipt of benefits documentation
  • Not everyone provides their correct forwarding address to the post office; no guarantee of receipt
  • USPS updated address location databases are inaccurate
  • Misdirected forms with PHI present a HIPAA risk

First Class mail is a must when mailing out benefits documents, like a dependent audit.

Advantages of First Class mail:

  • Mail is only forwarded if there is an address and signature on file with the USPS
  • Less risk of PHI information going to unauthorized addresses
  • 94% of all First Class mail is received within three days of mailing
  • First Class mail is trackable

While sending verification documents via First Class mail may cost a little more, it introduces less risk and makes your communication efforts more efficient.