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Not All Dependent Audits Are Created Equal

It’s a given that a Dependent Eligibility Audit is the way to go for benefits cost containment. With so many providers, how can you ensure you choose the right partner? The answer is simple—results matter.

There are two parts to a dependent audit: The audit itself and the appeals process. Between these two, your audit should be 98% accurate. And when you’re audit is near 100% accurate you can be assured you’re maximizing benefits cost savings.

While accuracy is the leading factor in choosing a dependent audit partner, be sure you select a partner who can deliver exceptional customer service as well.

What should you consider when choosing a dependent audit partner:

  • All U.S.–based customer service: Call center, mailing, and auditing
  • Live, not automated outbound reminder calls
  • HR and benefits experienced customer service teams with an average tenure of over five years—no call center temps
  • Inclusion of a pre-paid business reply envelope
  • Paperless online option
  • Dual document verification i.e. to ensure status of current relationship, a marriage certificate
  • Inclusive Appeals Phase – ensure it’s included in the process. You won’t want to handle this yourself.
  • Security—Ensure that your employee’s sensitive information is truly protected.

While this appears to be a tall order for any third-party partner, there is one company who can do all of this and more—ConSova. For over 10 years we’ve been leading the industry in audits and customer service. Our top-notch teams, technology, and methods allow us to save our clients millions every year.

Partner with us and discover that results really do matter.