Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions, sorted by category. Should you not find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us using the Web Assistance Center or by phone at 855-261-6217 between the hours of 7:30am - 6:00pm Central.

Consova is a Human Resources firm specializing in the dependent verification process.  They have conducted similar initiatives in Fortune 500 companies and governmental organizations.

You will need to respond to Consova's request to ensure that health plan coverage continues for your eligible dependents. If you are experiencing difficulty in gathering the required documents by the deadline, call Consova and explain your circumstances. Consova will attempt to assist you in obtaining your documentation.

However, in accordance with our dependent eligibility verification process, Michaels Stores will not cover a dependent if documentation that verifies eligibility is not received by the relevant deadline.

Your PIN number is located in the bottom left-hand corner of every letter you receive from Consova. If you cannot locate a copy of your letter and need your PIN number, please contact Consova at 855-261-6217.
Yes. You will receive a letter or email approximately 5 to 7 business days after Consova's receipt of your documentation with the status of your dependent(s) verification.
If you identify an ineligible dependent prior to the deadline, no additional questions will be asked by Consova or Michaels Stores. Coverage for ineligible dependents will end as soon as administratively possible. Should a dependent regain eligibility status, you'll need to provide documentation to verify their eligibility.
No, you will not be reimbursed any expenses incurred during the audit.

If you're unable to use the secure site, you are welcome to fax copies of your documentation to 303-951-3404. If you do fax a document to Consova, please contact Consova 48 hours afterwards to confirm receipt and legibility.

You can also mail documentation to:

143 Union Boulevard
Suite 800
Lakewood, CO 80228

No. To better protect your privacy, we prefer that you fax, mail, or or upload upload the requested documentation through the secure iVAC site (Interactive Verification Assistance Center). through the secure iVerify site.
As a part of the audit process, actual documentation is required to verify the eligibility of each dependent.
No. Michaels Stores will not review any documentation for the verification process. All documents must be provided to Consova for review.
Michaels Stores will terminate a dependent from coverage due to the inability to provide documentation that verifies eligibility. Consova is willing to assist you through this process, including helping you contact agencies to locate the documents you need.
If you have filed your previous year taxes but are unable to locate a copy, please go to or call 800-829-1040 to request a transcript at no cost. You should receive this within 10 business days.

The 1040 form verifies your current marital status. A marriage certificate only confirms that the relationship was established between the employee and spouse.

In some cases, the 1040 form is requested for a stepchild to prove relationship.
Please contact Consova at 855-261-6217 for other documentation that you may submit to verify eligibility.
Go to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services web site at to search the state or area where the marriage or birth occurred. You may also use VitalCheck at Please note you may be charged a fee for these services.
Any documents that you submit to verify the eligibility of your dependents will be maintained by Consova until 30 days after the dependent verification process is completed. At that time Consova will shred all documentation.
Yes. You may cross out all financial information and the first five digits of your Social Security number.

Yes. Michaels Stores understands that employees may have concerns about releasing confidential information to a third party. We assure you that every precaution has been taken to keep your information confidential, following the same rigorous standards as we do with all benefit service providers.

Consova has a strong record of protecting private personal information and considers security and confidentiality a very serious matter. They use encryption technology to transact sensitive data, scanning all documents and securely maintaining the information. The server that maintains the confidential information is accessible only to select individuals within Consova and is housed on a "local area network" which is inaccessible to an Internet connection.

Please visit our secured iVAC site (Interactive Verification Assistance Center) to view the documentation requested to verify eligibility for your dependent(s), the current status of documents submitted, update your mailing address or upload document images.

Please visit our secured iVerify site to view the documentation requested to verify eligibility for your dependent(s), the current status of documents submitted, update your mailing address or upload document images.