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Why Private Benefit Plans can Help Attract Talent

For businesses hoping to maximize their ability to attract talent, recognizing the value of a position is important. In fact, for many top rated businesses, the value stems beyond the original job description and salary, and encompasses the entire company, brand and unique perks as a viable option to new talents. In fact, although many leadership teams recognize the value of a competitive salary, top performing companies have mastered the ability of recognizing the value of health plan benefits, as it relates to desirability within a company—which can either entice or deter qualified talent exponentially.

Now more than ever before, candidates are evaluating potential positions within a company beyond the salary and shift requirements; they’re turning to a new value – health plan benefits. Having a focused benefit plan can help you increase your employer proposition, attracting more talent than those companies who can’t match the same opportunities. These benefits will help you not only find new talent, but retain the individuals you currently on your payroll loyal to your company.

With the cost of health care constantly rising year-after-year, it is critical that a health plan have proper cost containment measures in place, such as a Dependent Eligibility Verification and Ongoing Verification to verify those dependents being added between open enrollments. A post open enrollment dependent verification process is also a fantastic way to ensure plan integrity and avoid wasteful spending. These cost containment measure can help ensure the viability of the plan, especially in the new era of healthcare marketplaces.