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The Audit Front Line – The Call Center

As we discussed in our last blog post, communication is the key to an employee-friendly audit experience. The call center plays a critical role in this process. In this post, we will explore the characteristics of our call center that helps your employees navigate the audit process as smoothly as possible.

Call Center Staff:

As part of our standard audit process, ConSova establishes a dedicated toll-free phone number for employees to contact our call center team. During the audit period, call center representatives are available to answer questions concerning the audit process.

Experienced call center staff makes all the difference. ConSova audit associates have benefits, HR, customer service, or managed care backgrounds. They have extensive experience within a call center environment and receive annual training and development in the following areas:

  • Information security policies and procedures
  • Privacy policy
  • HIPAA training
  • Communications and conflict resolution

All staff members involved in the dependent verification process are employed by ConSova and are located in our headquarters in Colorado. We do not use temporary workers and the average tenure of our dependent eligibility verification team members is over 5 years.


ConSova’s dedicated call center is located in Lakewood, Colorado and is typically available Monday - Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Mountain Time. Call center hours are adjusted as needed to meet the needs of our clients and their employees.


ConSova is dedicated to serving all employees, not just those who speak English.   Our call center is staffed with bilingual call center associates, providing live assistance for English and Spanish speaking employees. ConSova utilizes a language line to offer translation for over 120 additional languages as needed.

Call Recording:

We believe in a completely transparent process, including the interaction employees have with our call center. All inbound and outbound calls are recorded for training and verification purposes. Recorded calls are available within our Employer Portal, allowing our clients to address any concerns that may arise during the audit process. Our approach to call recording ensures complete accountability for each and every interaction we have with our clients’ employees. 

Live Outbound Calling:

At ConSova, we take employee participation and compliance very seriously, which is why we maintain the highest average employee participation in the industry—98 percent. To boost employee participation, we incorporate live outbound calling into the reminder period of the audit process.

Our Audit Associates identify employees that have not responded, or have incomplete documentation, and place calls to the employee’s home (when available). We inform the employee that the deadline to provide requested documentation is approaching and the employee must have the proper documents postmarked by the deadline date.

The use of live versus automated outbound calls is a key element to driving our high overall response rates during the project. This level of employee support is critical to ensuring that they receive the assistance needed in order to smoothly complete the verification process.