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Green (Paper Free) Audits

Beyond the audit approach, success in dependent eligibility verification comes down to three things—communication, communication, and communication. Crafting and distributing customized, data-driven employee communications improves audit compliance and creates a more employee-friendly audit experience.

The typical audit process includes numerous paper communications—introductory packets, reminder letters, non-responder letters, disposition letters, appeal letters, etc.

Communication is not a one-way street. To fulfill their dependent eligibility verification requirements, employees must furnish numerous documents (marriage certificate, birth certificates, etc.).

All of this back and forth paper communication is slow, expensive, and not exactly environmentally friendly. As a part of our effort to reduce our carbon footprint, ConSova’s “Go Green” initiative includes a paperless option for employees that would rather be notified via e-mail instead of the US Mail service and enables them to upload all of their verification documents to our secure employee portal.

To ensure privacy and HIPAA compliance, e-mails only contain notice that specific information related to the employee’s audit status is available on the secure web portal and will not contain Protected health information (PHI). This is an opt-in program available to the employee and may also reduce the overall expense of the audit for the employer.

Email Notification Process:

  • Employees will receive email notifications directing them to log into the secure employee portal.
  • ConSova tracks receipt confirmation of each email communication to ensure successful delivery to the employee.
  • Once logged into employee portal, employees will be able to review status updates and reminders.
  • All letters will be available to view and download via the employee portal